– crane and trucks hire (cranes, trucks rental)

The company was fund In 1993. To its business area belong:
  • crane rental (crane hire Poland)
  • truck rental (truck hire Poland)
  • crane service (reparement, conservation, renovation mobile crane, spare parts)

Fairly and professionally – crane services, crane rental.

Since early 90’s the company supply specialist crane hire and reliably provided crane services on the area of the city of Warsaw and on the Mazowieckie Provence.
Thanks years of experience, cranes rental from company, trucks rental and crane services are guaranitee of high quality service in competitive prices.

Crane hire tailored to your needs company provide cranes from the best manufacturers (Liebherr, Grove, Faun). Ours trucks and cranes are characterized by different technical specification which makes our crane services always tailored to the Customer needs. In our fleet you can find mobile cranes with capacity from 10 to 120 tons.
Small cranes (from 10 to 40 tons) are ideally suited for works in narrow places. Bigger cranes (from 50 tons and more) are best for works where crane task is to put heavy load on hight or in significant distance from the crane.

Maximum range of work for our cranes for hire is 70 meters.

Lorry with a small crane(Hiab, Palfinger) company supports lorryies with cranes for rental (lorry with crane is able to load and unload itself). Lorry with crane is ideal solution for transportation items like: containters transport, machines, poles, pallets, concred road plater, assembly bilboards, assemble steel constructions as well as many other crane service and transportation service.

Safe and health during providing crane and transportation services

While we provide crane and transport services, we attach great attention to safety aspects. Our mobile cranes have all necessary safety devices and current UDT certificates. Our crane operators are well trained and experienced professionals.
We provide cranes and transport services for over 20 years. That is why we have a great experience, which serves us every day for the satisfaction of our customers.

Owing to this approach, "Szczurowski" company has reached a strong position and reputation in its business sector.
With our support you will succeed in each of yours projects!

The driving force of the development of the company are demands of our Customers.

For many years our machinepark was systematicly expanded and modernized. More modern cranes and lorries with cranes alowed us to expand the range of our crane services and gave us an opportunity to select optimal machines for each crane service.
Owing to this strategy, today we own the most modern cranes and lorries with cranes. Our machines are operated by well trained specialists which results in raising the level of crane service quality and safety. Our crane services and trucks rental are characterized by reliability and professionalism. We have an individual approach to each order – for us satisfaction of our customers is the most important.

Moving (relocation) machines and industrial equipment

Relocation of machines and equipment in our company is a comprehensive service from the place where the machines are loaded, through transport oraz unloading the machines to transport to the installation site.
If necessary, we also provide the following services:
  • - Setting machines and equipment at different levels in relation to the floor (relocation of machines)
  • - Insertion and removal of machinery by the roof or window(input machine halls).
  • - Uninstallation of the existing production lines, scrapping and disposal of the equipment.
  • - Fair and professional services at competitive prices.

Maintenance and repair of construction equipment

We provide repair services for such machinery as mobile cranes, excavators, loaders and bulldozers.
In you can regenerate parts of pneumatic, hydraulic and fuel systems. In our garage we provide the following repairing services:
  • - Regeneration of cylinders (exchange sealants, recovery cylinder, disassembly, repair of damaged cylinders).
  • - Replacement of hard to reach hydraulic hoses.
  • - Sealing of turntables in such machines as cranes and excavators.
  • - Repairments of chassis and steering systems.
  • - Blacksmith, plumbing, painting.

Office, storage and residential containers.

Hiring, purchase, sale andrenovation.
Our containers for rent are widely used in every industry. Benefits derived from rental of containers are:
  • - Immediate readines for use of the delivered container.
  • - Quick assembly.
  • - Possibility of starking.

Rental of cranes and HDS cars with additional accessories:

  • - Basket for passenger transport (passenger basket can be used in such works asreplacement of lighting, working at heights, repairment or renovation of the facade, cutting or removal of branches).
  • - Traverse, beams traverse (traverse capacity up to 30 tons, traverse length of 5.2 m).